Wittgenstein and Theology (Philosophy & Theology)

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Table of Contents

Some approaches take Wittgenstein as a major or even the principal guide in this endeavour, whereas others borrow from Wittgenstein a few selected remarks which are meant to do only a limited interpretive job. The project identified and examined four recognisable ways in which Wittgenstein's work has been interpreted to elucidate interfaith disagreement in Christian theology, with four authors as representatives.

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George Lindbeck represents the post-liberal interpretation, David Tracy the "liberal non-Wittgensteinian" engagement with Wittgenstein, David Burrell the Grammatical Thomist approach, and Klaus von Stosch the liberal Wittgensteinian one. At the end, a constructive approach is proposed which builds on the strengths and repairs the weaknesses of the four examined approaches. Would you like to be regularly informed by e-mail about our new publications in your fields of interest?

1. Preliminaries: The Face Value Theory

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Vattimo and Theology Thomas G. Foucault and Theology Jonathan Tran. Descartes; 2. Locke and Realism; 3. Berkeley and Idealism; Wittgenstein's Later Philosophy; 1. Philosophical Investigations; 2.

Nestorius Locke and Realism ; 2. Eutyches Berkeley and Idealism ; 3. The Theologian Philosopher of Glory; 2.

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The Theologian Philosopher of the Cross; 3. Contemporary Theologians; Wittgenstein in Theological Practice; 1.

Clarification - not explanation, justification, or refutation; 2. Scripture, Liturgy and Practice.

Wittgenstein, Religion and Ethics

Review quote Review in Theological Book Review Vol 21, Labron's perspicuity and judgement produce a very workable introduction to a complex thinker, one which would benefit many graduate students in theology. Wittgenstein and Theology is a courageous statement in an age when few theologians are able or willing to undertake such original and broad examinations of traditional and contemporary questions.

Labron has produced a work which will be of interest to both Wittgenstein specialists and to those who are more generally interested in the relationship between modern philosophy and theology in the Christian tradition.