Villers-Bocage: The Battle for Villers-Bocage Normandy, 12-16 June 1944

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WW2 Wochenschau D-Day Villers-Bocage Tank battle 1944

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Lieve T. RandomHumanoid BoardGamingUnit. Tags separate by space :. Jack Darwid. Jamie Specht. Chris Hansen. If given the option, I would prefer to play with the green pieces, please. If the Germans held the city, they could bring troops into batrle quickly and supply their troops using roads running behind their lines. If the British held the city, German positions norrh of the Odon River would become untenable.

With Caen in their hands, the British would be in open country, out of Normandy and threatening a breakout to Paris. Unfortunately, the British did not take Caen on D-Day, nor in the following days. The Germans rushed Panzerdivisiol1 21" Armoured Division , However, further west the US 1" Infantry Division drove back The British seized the chance. On 12 June, they launched Operation Perch, throwing the famous 'Desert Rats', their 7 ,h Armoured Division, into the hole with orders to race around the German flank and cut thcm off.

From Bayeux, where they had been fighting, the roads led south to Tilly-sur-Seulles and Villers-Bocage. From there they led east to Caen. There the road ran along high ground with the Odon River to the south, providing a natural flank. With a roar ofengines, the Desert Rats' tank! Where is the enemy? When would they strike?

Sl Calling a short halt, Lord Cranley joined his A Squadron on Poinr and summoned all platoon commanders up for orders for the next phase of the batrle. With their leaders gone the complacent infantry and tankers began to brew tea for breakfast. Deeper, though basic, military tenets had been ignoredthere was no reconnaissance. A Company's scout platoo had sunk crossing the channel and the Stuart light tanks of4 CLY had been pulled back due to their lack of firepower, but nothing had been done to replace them. The Germans well understood the predicament on their flank, but they lacked the forces do anything about it.

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The first available reinforcement, 2. Kompanie, Sl Watching the British drive past his hide at a range of just metres the next morning, the company commander, Obersturmfiihrer Michael Wittmann,. Ostubaf "on Wcstemhagen Tiger! No orher word caused more angsr in rhe hearrs of Allied soldiers and sriffened rhe spine of German soldiers. Such were rhe capabiliries of rhis fearsome rank rhar soon every German Panzer became a Tiger. The Tiger was the mosr feared German rank of rhe war-irs repu rarion for dearh and destruction proven in every arrack.

A technological marvel, the Tiger was capable of desrroying any rank in rhe world with irs 88mm gun. Irs armour was capable of topping a shor from any known rank gun. The workers rhar made ir were rhe besr in the indusrry. Hand picked, rhey lovely crafred each rank as if ir were a masrerpiece of art. Whar rhe German armaments industry produced rhe erman milirary command then rook and massed in special formation: Thus was born the schwere Panzerabteilung. This would create rhe mysrique of rhe Tiger, a repuration rhat men on the other side of rhe uench learned [Q fear.

In July of , Orders soon pur rhe bartalion on r: the long drive ro the front. Moving ar night ro avoid the Allied jabo fighter-bombers thar prowled the skies, crossing' the Seine River despire blown bridges, rhe battalion continued irs relentless drive forward.

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It rook unril 12 June before rhe first elements of the battalion pulled inro their positions between Caen and Villers-Bocage. For days afterwards the batralion's Tiger ranks straggled in as they complered rhe gruelling road march. D spite being shorrhanded rhe barralion immediarely foughr its mosr famous barrle. His military career started in when he joined the army as an infantry soldier. This early training sparked Wirtmann's interest in tanks. In at the end ofhis enlistment, he joined the Allgemeine- 55 and began his career in the Verftgungstruppe, the military branch of the When the war began, Wirtmann was still in training as an armoured car commander.

After only a short combat stint in Poland commanding an armoured car with just a 2cm, he found himself transferred to a Sturmgeschiitz assault gun with a 7. While his performance in the subsequent Balkan campaign was good, it would be in Russia that his talents became obvious. By , he had the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves for his gallant service in combat.

Villers-Bocage would be his heyday. In a single day he stopped, almost single-handedly, an entire British Armoured Division and saved the flank of the Panzer Lehr Division from being trapped and destroyed, earning the Swords for his Knights Cross in the process. He died a soldier's death on 8 August at Gaumesnil, south of Caen, leading his Tiger tanks into battle one last time. He is not afraid to die for his country. Having many battles behind him and serving in the most arduous conditions imaginable he knows how to fight and live.

Already his tally of kill rings covers the barrel of his Tiger tank. Wittmann takes over the Company Command Tiger tank as his own tank. As Wittmann is a warrior, he does not rollfir Tiger Ace skills. Hero of the Fatherland: Michael Wirtmann is one of Germany's greatest heroes. Every boy knows his exploits and wants to emulare them.

If Wittmann is Destroyed during a game the morale of the entire German people takes a heavy blow, despite any other gains, and the German player loses one Victory Point and their opponent gains one Victory Point at the end ofthe battle. His favourite tactic was to strike from the flanks, where the enemy least expected it. Wittmann may be deployed using the Ambush special rule on page of the rulebook in addition to any other platoons that would normally be deployed in Ambush.

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Wittmann may deploy in Ambush even in missions that do not normally use the Ambush special rule. They would follow him anywhere. It is up to Sturmmann Jonas, the radio operator, to keep Wittmann in touch with his entire command. If they pass this test they get past the tracks and the tank must make an Armour Save as normal. He felt it only slowed him down to re-calibrate the distance every time he shot. He simply overshot or undershot the reticule depending on the distance he felt rhe enemy was at.

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While the experts of tank gunnery chastised him for his methods, he only rarely missed, making Wittmann appreciate him even more. Wittmann's Tiger tank may re-roll any failed roll To Hit when it shoots.

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As fast as Bobby can acquire targets Gunter can load the gun. This combination keeps their Tiger firing faster than any other in the company.