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With Bryn out of the picture, Khol and Jeremy feel like they should be with P. When Khol brings P. I truly enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to everyone. What did I think? I'm more of a paranormal romance or YA kinda gal. But from the first chapter to the last, I was intrigued. This book is pretty addicting. Although I was a little confused when the author was explaining things in the beginning, it didn't take me long to catch on. I loved the world that Dyllin creates. Like I said, I'm not much of a fantasy reader but Dyllin took this world and tweaked it to make a wonderful idea of where I wouldn't mind being in.

I liked the whole idea behind the politics and the relationships in here. Peej was a fun character to read. She did have her moments of annoyance where, as a tpical teenager, tantrums come into play. But overall I admired her for her compassion to do the right thing and take care of those she loves.

Did Joseph Smith Translate The Book Of Mormon With A Rock In A Hat?

I will admit that I fell in love with him before Peej did. Which is the perfect combo to me. Plus, I'm always a sucker for a tall, black haired, blue-eyed guy. The love triangle All she wanted was to get noticed and she got her wish ten fold.

Add that with all the drama of trying to save the world, well, you have a complex, intriguing wild ride. Overall I thought the book was pretty good and I'll pick up her next book in the series because I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and this world. I have read a few books with seers in it and I have to say that this one had a little twist in it and I immediately started to devour this book.

To say I could not stop reading it is such an understatement but I really couldn't. PJ Stone is a Seer who has no visions. She is frustrated because her gift is not even a gift because she does not see any visions. If matters could not get worse for her she has to find a mate to create more Seers. Her father has told her she needs to start preparing for her future. As she is looking for someone she realizes she is in love with someone she is not supposed to be with.

The Seer Stone is like a Smart Phone...

But as her feelings for him get stronger and he returns the feelings back they begin a dangerous relationship. After getting caught with her forbidden love and he is sent away PJ feels lost and confused. Then she finally has a vision and it is on scary vision that she can't handle alone. She needs her boyfriend but he is miles away.

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When things start to look really bad for PJ a stranger comes in and reveals some secrets to her and her world is rocked at the core. She has to decide what to do and how to save her heart, her world, and her life. What will she do? Will she be reunited with her true love? And can she save her world? First off I just want to say Wowza and the plot thickens! I am not completely sold on Bryn and Pj 's relationship I am silently rooting in Kohls corner to be honest. OK now before I give too much away PJ is a Seeker, Bryn is her best friend and is a guardian, Jenna is her wild best friend whom I grow to love she is a speaker and Kohl This book is amazing.

When I first started to read Hidden Gates I wasn't exactly sure where the story was First off I just want to say Wowza and the plot thickens! When I first started to read Hidden Gates I wasn't exactly sure where the story was gonna go I was being pulled a couple different ways in my head but after I believe the fifth chapter I was hooked. So much is going on with PJ I feel sorry for the direction her life is heading.

And I cannot help but to let my heart break with her in the middle but I think my heart is breaking for her at the end too even though I'm not completely sure if she's heart broken! I want to write so much but I fear giving too much away. This is one of those books where when you start it, it is almost impossible to set down with so much going on your afraid if you set the book down somethings gonna happen with out you! I hope its not too long before the next book is released I cannot wait to see what twists and turns this group of friends overcomes!

And also I cannot wait for more Kohl View 1 comment. Nov 01, Emily marked it as abandoned Shelves: kindle , first-reads-arc-arr. I can't finish this book. I was immediately put off by the overwhelmingly, heavy focus on romance. Yes, the summary clearly indicates that romance would be at the forefront of this book, but it was listed as sci-fi and I was hoping the Seer's warning would lead to a bit more thrilling plot line. Part of the reason I had such a problem with the romance was that it was poorly executed and annoying.

Forbidden romance with a love triangle - UGH. The world building was poor. I had to reread a few para I can't finish this book. I had to reread a few paragraphs that explained the role of the Seers, Speakers, Guardians, and Gatekeepers and the rules of their society, and I still didn't understand.

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  • I felt like there was very little plot movement - and so I called it quits. I really enjoyed this book in fact it was one of those unexpected reads. I figured it would be good, but I never thought that it would go the way it did, which was quite a pleasant surprise for my mind that's pretty good at predicting what's going to happen. PJ is a young high school senior that struggles with her seemingly non-existent seer abilities, while realizing that she loves someone she can never have.

    This is only the beginning of her problems as the world around her shifts, her seer abi I really enjoyed this book in fact it was one of those unexpected reads. This is only the beginning of her problems as the world around her shifts, her seer abilities come blazing to the forefront, and she's bombarded with more male attention than she thought would ever have. This is definitely a good read for someone who is an adult romance lover looking to bridge the gap and read YA.

    I highly recommend this read and hope you will all go and check it out!

    The Seer's Stone Large Print

    I purchased this book on Amazon. I thought this book was a really good beginning to a trilogy. That said I thought the character building was great, the imagery was really detailed, creating a very quick mental ability to believe in everything going on. I found the female lead P. Aliens being almost a "non-issue" so far. I'm defiantly going to read the next book in the series : Clare also www.

    The Seer and the Sword by Victoria Hanley

    Check out this book you'll love it! Jan 02, Gabby What's Beyond Forks? Full Review at: What's Beyond Forks? There is so much to this story that I'm afraid of ruining the experience for future readers with too many details.

    Claims that Joseph Smith used a seer stone:

    I knew little about Hidden Gates when I started reading it, and it was fun to experience it page by page. Even though it's fictional, there is something that feels unexplanably real about it and I loved that.

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    To be fair, I helped with editing and its coming out through Dragonfairy in which I have ownership in it. That being said. It rocks!

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