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The yield of Saffron depends on a yearly basis, depending mainly on weather conditions.

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As soon as there is less supply on the market of Saffron the price per kilo tends to rise quickly. Our customer told us that many people hold Saffron as their pension savings. One of the main characteristics of Saffron is that it can be kept for years under the right storage conditions.

As soon as the price tends to go up due to a shortage of supply on the market, people literally take their Saffron savings and sell it on the market. Once, a very old lady brought in Saffron from her savings wrapped in a newspaper. The date on the newspaper indicated that the Saffron has been saved for quite some years. Some experts say that the older the Saffron gets, the more intense and stronger the taste of Saffron becomes.

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The spice we know as saffron is extracted from the saffron crocus Crocus sativus , mainly grown and produced in countries such as Iran, India, Spain and the Netherlands. This beautiful purple flower is very delicate and can best be harvested early in the morning by hand.

The flour is then, again manually, pulled the three long stigmas: the saffron. The pistils only the upper, red, portion is of value. After the harvest the stigmas are dried and then lightly toasted. The latter is very close, a brief inattention can already cause is lost to saffron's thousands of Dollars.

For one kilo of Saffron to be harvested saffron, about , to , flowers are needed. This and the labor-intensive harvesting and processing ensure that saffron is the most expensive spice in the world and also called the "Red Gold". The total World production of Saffron is estimated to be approximately 20 tonnes per year. However, saffron is very powerful and only very small amounts of food necessary are needed to give its typical business card.

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Because of the high price there is unfortunately very much messed with saffron. The coloring of stampers are improved by adding safflower or turmeric. It is therefore advisable to buy instead of powdered Saffron, whole saffron threads. Please ensure that the threads of Saffron have a nice red color.

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The darker the color, the higher the quality! A dark color, light and humidity and good elasticity indicate a good and fresh stock of Saffron.

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Cheap saffron does not exist, if you do intend to take on this is a sign that something is not right. Using Saffron gives a very rich, warm taste and smell of food that is both powerful and subtle. The taste of saffron is reminiscent of honey and is also slightly bitter.

The intense aroma of saffron is unmistakable and is warm and soft but also firm and even a little muggy.

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Red Gold is a Series 3 transparent color. It has a masstone of deep reddish orange, with a yellowish red undertone. Red Gold is a very bright glazing color.

This color is available in 80ml, ml and ml sizes. The first page shows three very transparent colours in masstone and reduced with white in mid and pale tints. This one shows four very transparent colours when reduced as Glazes.

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The top one is Indian Yellow which shifts to a more yellow shade in Glazes the next one is Red Gold which shifts towards Yellow as it is thinned out the next one is Green Gold which also shifts towards Yellow when it is thinned out. The fourth one is Transparent Yellow which becomes more vivid as it is thinned out.

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The last two swatches show Red Gold and Green Gold very much thinned out and showing the vivid Yellowish undertone. Find a Store. Chroma is committed to the responsible use of art materials. Atelier is professional acrylic paint and not intended for use by children. Artists need to make personal decisions regarding the toxicity and dangers of the materials they use.

Due to the individual nature of art, Chroma makes no express or implied warranties regarding the suitability of a particular paint for a particular situation. For detailed health and safety information, click here.